Optislim Meal Replacement Shakes Review

Sometimes the easiest way out is the plan we want. You’ve got weight to lose, quick and easy is the method of choice. You’ve been frustrated and unhappy for long enough; life seems to be passing you by. So, meal replacement shakes are easy, simple and require no preparation. Not having enough time to prepare is always a dieters complaint when having to prepare complicated meal plans, menu’s, trips to the market and long stints in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

Optislim Meal Replacement Shakes to the rescue! The shakes are available in several flavors and Optislim claims each of them are delicious and will satisfy your craving for chocolate or something sweet. Chilling and popping open a convenient shake for each meal is a dieters dream, simple and easy.

Does Optislim Meal Replacement Shakes Work?

Optislim is a three-phase program. According to the official website: “The Meal replacement shakes are used during all three phases of the diet program. The most intensive phase of the program (Phase 1), the Accelerated stage is designed to shift weight fast and maximize your results. Phase Two (the Rapid Phase) and Phase Three ( the Balanced Phase) are designed to help the consumer continue to lose weight and then keep it off while purchasing your shakes, soups and bars through Optislim. One shake is designed to replace one meal, clocking in at about 200 calories each.

Is Optislim Meal Replacement Shakes Safe?

One problem with meal replacements is that they will help you lose weight, but they do little to help educate you about your eating habits. Most people will not continue drinking two to three shakes a day for the rest of their life to stay nicely tucked inside their size 4, little black dress. What’s to stop you from returning to poor eating habits once you stop taking the Optislim products? And, there is another problem… missing fiber. I read blogs written by women on the Optislim program in preparing to write this review and I have to say there were two extremes – those who could not go to the bathroom, sometimes for two to three days at a time and those who took the Optislim fiber supplement along with their shakes that found themselves in the bathroom eight to ten times a day, including near misses and accidents. Just sayin’!

Optislim Meal Replacement Shakes Ingredients

Before deciding on a dietary supplement I like to know exactly what is included. Optislim Meal Replacement Shakes claims that it has the recommended daily requirements of 25 vitamins and minerals. However, it is alarming that we cannot see the exact amounts of these ingredients. We don’t even know what ingredients we are talking about!

Optislim Meal Replacement Shakes Pros

  • Lose weight without having to plan meals
  • Convenient for those with a busy schedule, no cooking involved
  • Easy to follow diet plan – no need to count calories

Optislim Meal Replacement Shakes Cons

  • Strong possibility of appetite fatigue causing one to go back to their old eating habits
  • Very Expensive, upwards of $100+ dollars per week plus shipping & handling
  • Contains little or none of the beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Contains no disease-fighting antioxidants found in fruits, veggies & whole grains

The Optislim Meal Replacement Shakes Bottom Line

You may lose weight on this product; but, it is unlikely that you lose excess fat. Starving yourself of essential calories and nutrition causes your body to hold onto fat. The weight one loses on these types of low calorie diets will be primarily muscle and water weight. And, after three weeks you may be sicker than when you started.

Do yourself a favor, eat real fruits, vegetables and grains and take a weight loss supplement or fat burner that is designed to nudge your body into letting go of excess fat – for good. It appears that meal replacements may be what yo-yo dieters thrive on.

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