Mom’s Little Secret Review

When you look back at your youth you probably envy your mom most. Didn’t it seem like she was the rock in every family crisis, the one who found that little bit of extra energy to successfully deal with crying children, rebellious teenagers and dad?

In those days mom could only reach deep inside her soul to find that little bit of extra energy she needed to cope with each problem that suddenly appeared, usually after she was already worn out.

Now, thanks to improvements in dietary supplements, she might actually be able to get some help through a gel cap called Mom’s Little Secret Natural Energy Boost.  Mom’s Little Secret Natural Energy Boost is billed as a fat burnerformulated to provide that extra boost of energy that moms so often need to get through a hard day at home or at work.

Instead of searching her soul for that last little bit of energy to survive a crisis, she can now get a quick energy pickup.

Mom’s Little Secret is much more than a burst of caffeine or a sugar high although some people can  experience a crash a few minutes later.  When you’re feeling exhausted or frustrated at work or dealing with the kids Mom’s Little Secret can get you over the top.  The caffeine in Mom’s Little Secret is only about as much as in a cup of coffee.

At least one user thinks Mom’s Little Secret Works. “…this product really works,” claims the user.  “And it doesn’t make me nervous or jittery which is a plus..It’s great. I would definitely recommend this product to someone with energy issues.”

So as an energy booster Mom’s Little Secret works for at least some people.  But how about as a fat burner?  Our first impression is probably not because the formula doesn’t seem to be strong enough.

Is Mom’s Little Secret Safe?

Unless you have been warned to stay away from any form of stimulant Mom’s Little Secret should be safe to use. Some people find niacin annoying as it can cause itching, flushing, redness and hot flashes.

We always recommend that you check with your medical advisers before taking new fat burner or weight loss supplement.

Mom’s Little Secret Ingredients

The key ingredients in Mom’s Little Secret are niacin, Nutraberry Pure Fruit Blend, pomegranate and caffeine.  Niacin is represented by35 mg, Nutraberry by 125 mg, Niacin by 10 mg and  caffeine by 135 mg.

Mom’s Little Secret Pros

  • Good quality ingredients
  • Antioxidants
  • Relatively low cost

Mom’s Little Secret Cons

  • One trick pony
  • Possible niacin side effects
  • Possible energy clash

The Mom’s Little Secret Bottom Line…

Mom’s Little Secret Natural Energy Boost  seems to work as an energy booster. But if you need it to do more such as burn fat you will probably be disappointed.

The good news is that 60 tabs of Mom’s Little Secret Natural Energy Boost can be purchased for as little as $13.99 plus shipping and handling. But Mom’s Little Secret Natural energy Boost is basically a one trick pony.  It provides boosts of energy and not much more.

You are better off purchasing a top-rated fat burner that is clinically proven and comes with a satisfaction money back guarantee.  Mom’s Little Secret Natural Energy Boost has no such guarantee we could find.

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