Lipozene Review

Lipozene is a fat burner frequently seen on TV and claims to not only help users lose weight, but specifically to lose fat. Lipozene is a simple, straightforward fat burner that essentially uses fiber to get results. Still, let’s evaluate Lipozene using our four standards: effectiveness, safety, consumer satisfaction, and value.

Is Lipozene safe?

Within reason, definitely. Lipozene uses Konjak, a plant that contains Glucomman, which is a water soluble polysaccharide, and a fiber. Konjak itself is a plant commonly used in Asian cuisine and is not inherently dangerous. In fact, Konjak is often used to make candy in Asian countries (although some people worry that the candy poses a choking risk, its ingredients are not dangerous). However, taking Lipozene as a supplement means getting some pretty high dosages of glucomannan, so let’s keep investigating.

Lipozene ingredients

Lipozene contains 1500mg of amorphophallus Konjak (or glucomannan).

Lipozene pros

The pros of Lipozene are easy to understand. Glucomannan is a fiber and it’s no secret that fiber is an important part of a healthy diet and a weight loss plan. Fiber helps you to feel full, and can therefore reduce your calorie intake. Fiber also helps your digestive system process your food quickly, helping you to stay regular. Glucomannan is a safe way to get fiber into your diet.

Lipozene cons

Lipozene contains only one ingredient that helps you to lose weight. When I’m serious about losing weight, I want to take a fat burner that contains some serious, heavy-hitting, patented ingredients. If I wanted more fiber in my diet I would save myself some money and eat more fiber-rich foods instead of paying lots of money to purchase Lipozene. Furthermore, Lipozene can sometimes give users some unwanted side effects like bloating, gas, and nausea. It’s also crucial to understand that Lipozene MUST be taken with at least 8oz of water due to choking hazards.

Lipozene’s bottom line

I don’t have any deep seated problems with Lipozene. However, neither would Lipozene be at the top of my list of fat burners. When it comes to effectiveness, safety, consumer satisfaction, and value, I rate Lipozene as follows.

Effectiveness: Lipozene works effectively for what it is – a fiber. Fiber DOES help you to feel full and may, therefore, reduce your caloric intake. However, this would not make it burn fat specifically.

Safety: Lipozene is safe when taken cautiously and as directed. There is a choking hazard with Lipozene, and a possibility of side effects, but it is not as dangerous as some other fat burners.

Consumer satisfaction: Is average. In studies on glucomannan, obese people lost more weight when consuming glucomannan than without it. However, when cost and side effects are taken into consideration, consumer satisfaction decreases.

Value: This is where Lipozene really fails. When taken as directed, a $29.99 bottle of Lipozene lasts only 10 days. That’s a lot of money for fiber – a can of beans in the grocery store costs less than a dollar and contains lots of fiber!

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