Belly Mud Review

How many fat burners have you tried that are effective after you apply them topically?  Since only 5% of fat burners on the market are truly effective, it’s very unlikely that you will find an effective product by using a topical fat burner.  In fact, it’s most likely that none of the effective products are topical treatments.

Belly Mud is a topical treatment that is said to give you real results with absolutely no side effects.  You apply it to your stomach and then wrap it with cloths.  After you let it sit for about a half an hour you can remove it and you should be able to see some of the results that you want.

If a product is going to work by being applied topically you have to ensure that the effective ingredients will be easily absorbed through the skin.  Belly Mud has a small blend of ingredients that may be absorbed through the skin.  They use a proprietary blend of ingredients with the idea that you will get the full ability of a top fat burning product.

When you use Belly Mud you may see some results even after the first application (according to the official website).  But most people that tried this product were not able to see the results they wanted just by using Belly Mud.  Instead, they had to incorporate Belly Mud into their existing diet and exercise plan.

Is Belly Mud Safe?

One of the main advertisements that is made by Belly Mud is that their product will not cause any side effects.  For anyone who is sensitive to most fat burners this is a huge benefit to using Belly Mud.  Since it is applied to the skin you may want to check to be sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients but you shouldn’t have many side effects.

Belly Mud Ingredients

  • Dead Sea Mud
  • LipoCare
  • Matrixyl Peptide
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Omega Blend

Dead sea mud is said to contain bitter orange extract.  This extract could help to suppress your appetite while at the same time increasing your metabolism so that you burn more calories.  However, it may not be as easily absorbable as they would like you to think.

The omega blend could help other ingredients to be more easily absorbed.  But they use a proprietary blend which makes it impossible to know how much of each ingredient is actually applied to the skin and even more difficult to know if those ingredients are entirely absorbed.

Belly Mud Pros

  • Few side effects
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy to use

Belly Mud Cons

  • Messy
  • Ineffective
  • Few positive reviews

The Belly Mud Bottom Line…

Belly Mud is a messy product to use since it is a mud that you apply to your abdomen.  You can’t do much else while you are using it so you essentially give up about 30 minutes of your day (more if you count application and clean up time).  It’s impossible to know how much of the product is being absorbed.

You can buy Belly Mud for $36.95 for each container.  They give you a satisfaction guarantee which is necessary if you want to ensure that you don’t lose your money when you don’t experience many results.  Belly Mud is definitely not the first choice that many people would have for fat burners but if it works for you and doesn’t cause side effects, good luck with your positive results!

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