AngioBlasty Gel Review

There are two main types of fat in your body.  One is subcutaneous fat which is present just under the surface of the skin.  If you grab your stomach and you can hold a handful of fat this is the subcutaneous fat.

The other kind of fat is visceral fat which is located around your organs.  This fat is the dangerous kind that you should work to remove to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and other diseases.  Using a fat burner can help you to remove fat if it has the right ingredients in the right amounts.

AngioBlasty Gel targets just one of these fats.  It is a gel that is applied to the surface of the skin.  When you use AngioBlasty Gel it is supposed to target subcutaneous fat.  This can help you to look better in a swimsuit but does not do much to solve the problem of visceral fat so you have to know the kind of fat you struggle with before deciding to use AngioBlasty Gel.

Is AngioBlasty Gel Safe?

AngioBlasty Gel comes in a rather thick gel so you may not be able to absorb everything that is in the formula which is one of the main complaints of using AngioBlasty Gel.  It also may be a problem for those who are sensitive to certain creams that are applied to their skin so check the ingredient list carefully.  The most common complain users have is that AngioBlasty Gel does not get absorbed so it stays a little sticky and feels thick.

AngioBlasty Gel Ingredients

Ingredients in AngioBlasty Gel include aminophylline, sweet almond oil, hydrogenated polydecene, aloe vera, and nelumbo nucifera leaf extract.  There are a couple of other ingredients in AngioBlasty Gel but they are primarily used to stabilize the formula.

If you take a look at these ingredients you can see that none of the ingredients has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles (a claim made on the official website) or cellulite.  There are not any ingredients that are proven to reduce fat either.

Some of the ingredients like sweet almond oil and hydrogenated polydecene can moisturize the skin which may help skin to appear younger.  But this is pretty much the biggest benefit you will get when using AngioBlasty Gel.  Nelumbo nucifera leaf extract may help to prevent carbs and fats from being absorbed but needs to be used in significant amounts.  In addition, aminophylline is really only proven to work when it is used orally.

AngioBlasty Gel Pros

  • Moisturizes skin
  • Easy to use

AngioBlasty Gel Cons

  • Does not produce results
  • Expensive
  • No guarantee
  • No effective ingredients for weight loss

The AngioBlasty Gel Bottom Line…

When you work towards weight loss ideally you want to lose fat from all over your body.  AngioBlasty Gel is not going to help you lose significant amounts of weight and because it is lacking in proven fat burners it probably will not be a very beneficial for long term results.

You can purchase AngioBlasty Gel for $99 which is a lot for a product that does not have clinically proven ingredients.  But it also is lacking a guarantee which is especially important since AngioBlasty Gel is so expensive.  Choose a proven fat burner if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

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